Well Formulated, Chef Crafted, Keto Foods

Shipped Directly to Your Door


PangeaKeto Began Out Of Necessity


Frozen Meals Shipped to Your Door

During uncertain times, PangeaKeto is committed to providing our clients contact free meals shipped directly to your door.  Our meals are prepared by amazing Chefs under the strictest levels of USDA compliance. Our meals have undergone comprehensive nutritional testing for blood glucose response. 

Keto Donuts PangeaKeto

The PangeaKeto Bakery and Chocolatier

PangeaKeto's Chefs have been busy creating the most amazing sugar free chocolates and baked goods on the market.  Our proprietary, sugar-free chocolate utilizes an all natural pre-biotic fiber to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and mouth feel. Our baked goods have been painstakingly developed, counting on our clients to tell us what products they miss the most, and insuring our donuts, cookies, cupcakes, waffles and pizza doughs meet their high standards.  


Meal Replacement and KETO Nutrition

You can trust that PangeaKeto has done the homework for you.  We have accepted the painstaking task of researching our supplements, only stocking the most effective, certified supplements.  We are not interested in carrying hundreds of supplements, only those that we feel are most critical to our clients KETO lifestyle.